Nipmuck Legends

Introductory Note

These legends and the wisdom they convey embody the history, philosophy and spirit of the Nipmuck people and the Chaubunagungamaug Band in particular.

Countless thousands of our ancestors knew and passed on to their children the oldest of these legends. Some, of more recent origin, have been preserved in individual families and in various publications.

While several versions of a single theme are existent in the most widely known or a composite of two or more variations is published in this collection.

In some cases, material included here has been previously recorded by anthropologists, enthnohistorians, local writers, etc. To any individual who has contributed to the preservation of Native American legends and culture in any way we offer our most heart-felt appreciation.

The editor of this volume expresses immeasurable indebtedness to Manioo-oo, to the Nipmuck elders and to those writers and scholars whose work has served as an inspiration and source of knowledge.

Nuppeantam newutche paomoo-onk nesausuk
tahshe pmoetuonk

Tunuppe Peuwe
Little Turtle
Chaubunagungamaug Band