The Creation Story

The Creator looked down and saw Giant Turtle swimming in the waters that covered the earth and he was carrying Eagle, Owl, Crow, Deer, Fox, Turkey, Muskrat and Beaver on his back. He joined them in the form of a Hare and sent Crow to search the water, bidding him to find brown earth to make an island. But Crow came back without any earth. So the Great Spirit sent others, but they all returned to Giant Turtle without bringing any part of the earth's substance. Finally He sent Muskrat who was gone a long time and at last appeared on top of the waters holding sand in his paws. From this the Creator fashioned the land, the animals and birds, and people to live in the forests, At this time the Great Snake came out from his hiding place under the sea. The muskrat still shows his knowledge of how the world was made by building his house in its shape, a dome. The people had learned from him and their houses were dome shaped also.