Legend of the Strawberry

Long ago there was a little girl and her slightly younger brother who were always fighting. It seemed that they could never get along. Everywhere they went there was an argument.

One day they had been squabbling even more than usual. Finally the little girl got sick of fighting and walked off into the woods. The sun was pleasantly warm, birds were singing gaily in the trees and soon she forgot all about the quarrel with her brother.

As she walked along, suddenly she noticed some bright red berries gleaming in the sun. Tasting one she found it to be deliciously sweet and thirst quenching. After eating several she decided to take some home to her little brother.

Upon returning she found that the little boy was very sad because he had missed her while she was gone and he had been afraid that she was lost. They embraced and the girl told of the beautiful and tasty berries she had found. The little boy asked if he could go back with her and try some for himself, whereupon she gave him the berries she had brought back with her.

From that day on they began to get along as brothers and sisters should. And strawberries have come to be known as a symbol of forgiveness and friendship.

Each year when the strawberry festival is held it is customary for anyone holding a grudge against someone to invite that person to the festival as a token of forgiveness. Anyone who is not ready to make peace with an estranged friend or relative should not take part in the strawberry festival.