Useless Grandfather

A father, mother, their three children and the husband's father all lived together in a witu (wigwam). In time, the grandfather was able to do less and less. He seemed to be in everyone's way. One day the wife told her husband, "You must do something with your father! He's always in the way, he can't do anything for himself, he's just useless! You've got to do something about him."

The husband called his oldest son, a boy of 12, and instructed him, "Take this blanket and your grandfather deep into the woods. Wrap this blanket around him and leave him there....and, Son, take him in far enough so that he won't be able to find his way back."

Sadly, the obedient youth led his beloved grandfather into the forest a long way from home. After a long walk far from any path or trail, he sat the old man down on a fallen log, ripped the blanket in half, and placed half of the blanket around the shoulders of his ancient charge.

Upon his arrival at home, his father asked, "Did you do as you were told?"

"Yes, Father!"

Just then the father noticed that half of the blanket was in his son's arms. He said, "Son, I told you to wrap that aorund your grandfather, yet you have torn it in half! Why did you do this?"

"Father," replied the son, "I will save this half for you when you are old."