At one time there was only warm weather and there was never any snow or ice. In spite of this, the people complained about their condition. Sometimes they grumbled about the heat, other times they blamed the Creator for sending rain.

After listening to their dissatisfied comments for many generations, the Creator let the sun travel further and further away from the villages. The days grew shorter and colder. Even though they wore extra clothing and added heavy bark and thick animal skins to the covering of their homes for protection many people died from the extreme cold.

In fear, the people called upon the Great Spirit to send the sun back to warm them again. In mercy and forgiveness Manitoo-oo directed the sun to return - but each year there would be a season of short days and cold weather to remind the people of their ungrateful complaining.

From that time on we have been taught to offer thanks for each and every beautiful day regardless of the weather.

Poisonous plants grew from the graves of the rebellious people who had died during the extreme cold as a further reminder of our dependence upon Manitoo-oo to provide for us according to His wisdom rather than to appease selfish demands.